Overall, it was a nice place to stay for a weekend getaway. The place was very clean, which I like. The kitchen was spacious but very basic. The master bed was very comfortable, and the master bath was beautiful. The other bedrooms were okay, but the beds were very uncomfortable and hard as a rock. The back yard was huge, but very little shade and no trees. I might recommend a little more shade, especially during the summer months. There are a few things that I think could be improved. I would recommend a bit of color and artwork in the house, as it felt a bit cold with the gray walls and white floors and absolutely no artwork. The living room sofa was very uncomfortable and not inviting at all. We also felt the detail instructions we received from the owner had us walking on eggshells. We had a hard time relaxing as we felt we would lose our deposit if we made a minor mistake or if we didn’t put something back right where we found it. I realize you have to cover yourself, but it felt too stringent. Even after we left, I felt I received the third degree because something blew into the pool and clogged the pipes, which had nothing to do with us. As I said, it’s not a bad place. There're just a few things that could make this place great!

- Jae H. 08/16/2016

Thank you for your feedback. We have now had our Palm Springs vacation rental for a few months and, as noted in our advertisement, it is still somewhat a \